KENYA: Catholic Bishops give Qualities of Leaders to Vote for

NAIROBI MAY 12, 2017(CISA)-The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has given qualities of leaders who Kenyans should vote for and against in the forthcoming August 8 General Elections.

The bishops gave the list April 28 at the end of their ordinary plenary that took place at St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary, Nairobi.


  1. God fearing, morally upright and respects rights of others;
  2. Committed to promoting human dignity and solidarity among people;
  3. Leaders who live and practice human, ethical and family values.
  4. Promote respect of law and order in the society
  5. Tested and proven to ascribe to what it takes to build their County and our Nation Kenya.
  6. They are committed to welfare of all and to the attainment of the common good
  7. Leaders that are accountable to the people and take responsibilities for their own failures and mistakes so as to end the culture of impunity.
  8. Leaders who rise above clan, tribal, religious or regional politics so as to unite and bring people together irrespective of where they come from, language or color.
  9. Leaders who protect the rights of minorities and have the political will to bring development and equality to all.
  10. Leaders who use dialogue in seeking for votes.
  11. Leaders who are out to serve and are interested in the  wellbeing of all.
  12. Leaders known to be men and women of proven integrity.


  1. Violent leaders who promote war like activities.  They are even ready to kill or assassinate since for them the end justifies the means.
  2. Selfish and arrogant.
  3. Promote hate speech.
  4. Use money to bribe and buy votes.
  5. Use their position to threaten and intimidate people to vote for them,
  6. Use the tribal card and whip up negative ethnic emotions.
  7. Use the tactics of “divide and rule”
  8. Misuse public resources for their own selfish ends
  9. Are known to use all means, including voter importation to secure their positions.
  10. Leaders who exploit the vulnerability of others for their own selfish ends.
  11. Leaders who are only after enriching themselves or use political positions to protect their wealth.

Kenya will go to the polls on August to elect the President, members of the national assembly, members of the senate and members of the County Governments. The General Elections take place every five years.

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