KENYA: Consolata Institute of Philosophy Celebrates 50th Graduation, with Sights on Becoming a University

By Wesley Omondi

NAIROBI, MAY 14, 2024 (CISA) – The Consolata Institute of Philosophy (CIP), marked a historic milestone on May 10, 2024, as it celebrated its 50th Graduation Ceremony, a testament to fifty years of philosophical excellence, intellectual pursuit, and the profound impact the institute has had on its students and society at large.

The jubilee ceremony witnessed heartfelt speeches and reflections from the leadership of the Consolata Missionaries, founders of CIP,  including Fr James Bhola Lengarin IMC, Superior General, and Fr Zachary Kariuki IMC, Chancellor of the institute and Regional Superior of the Consolata Missionaries Kenya/Uganda region.

Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia converses with Fr Zachary Kariuki IMC, Regional Superior of Consolata Missionaries Kenya/Uganda region during the graduation procession at CIP.

A significant highlight of the ceremony was the graduation of 86 students. Of these, 77 were awarded degrees while the remaining  9 received Diplomas in Philosophy and Religious Studies. The graduating class represented the institute’s dedication to fostering academic and personal growth in its students.

Fr Lengarin, in his address read by Fr Zachary, highlighted CIPs commitment to academic excellence and the formation of well-rounded individuals, acknowledging the work of the visionary founders and dedicated faculty members who have contributed to its success.

“For the past fifty years, this esteemed institution has been a beacon of intellectual pursuit, fostering deep philosophical inquiry, religious yearning, and shaping the minds of countless individuals,” he stated.

On his part, the Chancellor, Fr Zachary reflected on the significance of philosophical formation in shaping ecclesial and civil leaders. He emphasized the transformative nature of intellectual formation, citing how the institute has equipped the human mind with logical categories and tools of critical thinking necessary to ascend towards objective truth – Aletheia (truth) in Greek.

Fr Zachary drew parallels with Plato’s allegory of the cave, emphasizing the institute’s role in guiding scholars to ascend the epistemic ladder towards divine insights.

“Over this span of fifty years, the institute, in its commitment to intellectual formation, has sparked and lit a sapiential flame in the minds of its alumni, which radiates rays of hope and joy to millions of people spread all over the world,” he noted.

He further elaborated on the practical implications of philosophical thought, stressing its role in addressing societal and moral upheavals. He cited examples from ancient philosophy, such as Socrates’ doctrine of ethical intellectualism and Plato’s ideal state, to underscore the transformative potential of philosophical formation in solving real-world problems.

“Philosophical studies do not only form the human mind for abstract thought,” he said, adding, “The human mind is formed to have critical and reflective abilities which enable it to confront the practical life situations and the realities surrounding them.”