KENYA: Council of Churches Calls for Review of January 2021 Re-opening of Schools

By Njoki Githinji

NAIROBI, DECEMBER 4, 2020 (CISA)-The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has called on the government to review the decision to resume in-person schooling and put in place measures to curb the rise in Covid-19 infections.

“This Executive Committee (of NCCK) calls to mind the announcement by the Ministry of Education that all learners will resume in-school learning on January 5, 2021. We propose that this decision be reviewed and proper measures put in place to avoid a surge in new infections,” NCCK said in a December 3 Press statement.

The council expressed worry and cautioned citizens to uphold preventive measures of regular hand washing, wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

“As at yesterday, 1,484 Kenyans had died from the pandemic, arising from 85,130 infections. The cumulative positivity rate stands at 9.4%, and fatality rate is 1.7%. These rates are worrying, and we call upon all Kenyans to strictly adhere to the pandemic control measures of washing hands, wearing face masks and keeping social distance,” the council said.

The council also recommended, an inclusive National Dialogue Process be established to ensure all the concerns of Kenyans are taken into account so as to build consensus on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) process, and called for a comprehensive civic education to ensure all Kenyans are made aware of the contents and make informed choices.

The council expressed commitment to be part of the civic education on the BBI report.

“…NCCK will carry out sustained civic education through our structures to inform Kenyans on the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2020. The civic education will be aimed at empowering Kenyans to exercise their sovereignty and make informed decisions. Keenly analyze all proposals, and do not be rash in making your decisions and proclamations,” the council said.

The press statement was signed by Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki Chairperson and Rev. Canon Chris Kinyanjui General Secretary of NCCK.