KENYA: Elections should not Tear Our Country Apart, says Bishop Mugambi

MERU NOVEMBER 14, 2017(CISA) – Bishop Salesius Mugambi of the Catholic Diocese of Meru has called on Kenyans to remain united as the Supreme Court commences the hearing of the repeat presidential poll petitions.

“The divisions in the country as a result of the just concluded repeat presidential Election should not be left to tear our country apart. This nation cannot survive without everyone’s input. Every Kenyan must be given equal opportunity,” Bishop Mugambi told CISA today.

He noted that Kenyans should learn to appreciate each other despite their tribe, political party affiliations or even race in order to realize a better and more prosperous nation.

“The differences we are experiencing all over the country is not healthy. We need to let our institutions especially the courts to work and deliver justice because we need our country back,” said the prelate.

He noted that just as his fellow bishops at the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops have said, the nation currently needs a national dialogue to address the political issues.

“Just like my fellow brother bishops have always said, what is causing division in this country is more than the tribal inclinations. The country has issues that should be addressed by people sitting down and agreeing,” said Bishop Mugambi.

The hearing of the petition challenging the election of President Uhuru Kenyatta in the October 26 presidential repeat poll begun on November 14 and the judges are expected to deliver ruling in the next six days.