KENYA: Fight Terrorism with Technology, Bishop tells State

NAIROBI NOVEMBER 28, 2014(CISA) – The Chairman of Communications Commission of Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB), Bishop Martin Kivuva has urged the government to improve its fight against terrorism through technology.

The Bishop was speaking on November 26 during the launch of new collection of eBooks and eCommerce website by the Paulines Publications Africa at Cardinal Otunga Plaza, Nairobi.

“For the government to win the war against terror they must have a very well IT trained military individuals who are out there fighting the war online. Now it is not about guns, it is about exchange of ideas and strategies passed along through technology,” said Bishop Kivuva.

Bishop Kivuva of the Catholic Diocese of Machakos asked the Church to take advantage of the new technological innovation so that it is able to evangelize to people wherever they are.

“The new technology is not only changing the way we communicate but communication itself. We are living through a period of vast cultural transformation. Spreading information and knowledge is giving back in new way of learning and thinking with unprecedented way of establishing relationship and friendship,” said Bishop Kivuva.

Bishop David Kamau Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi said the church should use technology to evangelize in order to counter the decrease on the number of vocations.

“Evangelizers of the gospel are going down especially in Europe and soon we are going to face the same problem here in Africa. We must focus on what exactly we are going to do. This innovation has not only come for the secular life but also for the church. It has come the right time when evangelizers are few so that one priest can take five parishes. He can sit down and communicate the word of God wherever he is,” said Bishop Kamau.


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