KENYA: General Elections should not Mirror Political Party Nominations, Bishops Say

NAIROBI APRIL 28, 2017 (CISA) – “We pray that the chaotic manner in which these nominations have been conducted will not be a mirror of what will happen in the General Election,” Bishop Phillip Anyolo, Chairman Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has said.

“We have been following with keen interest the ongoing party primaries’ nominations. If the violence, the allegations of bribery, suspicions, accusations, and counter accusations, rejection of nomination results and the general acrimony we are being treated to are anything to go by, then all of us have reason to be very worried over the forth coming August General Elections,” added Bishop Anyolo.

He was speaking today during a press briefing at the end of the bishops’ Ordinary Plenary Assembly at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, Nairobi.

The bishops noted that many Kenyans seem to have lost confidence in the capacity of institutions entrusted with the responsibility of steering the electoral process but urged the electorate to learn to trust and give a chance to those concerned to do their work.

“Should there be any issue, the way of dialogue and the use of the established Courts should be employed. We must not take the matter into our own hands. We must learn to trust and talk to each other,” advised Bishop Anyolo.

They further called on the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissions (IEBC) to learn from the nominations exercise, “In order to avoid the glaring pitfalls that have been witnessed” and ensure only leaders of integrity are elected in a peaceful and credible election.

“We call upon IEBC to do a better job in planning and in the execution of the forthcoming elections. Free, fair, transparent elections will result in peaceful elections that will be acceptable to all,” stated Bishop John Oballa, vice Chairman (KCCB).

“Similarly IEBC should be firm and equivocal in dealing with any malpractice, and any individual who does not follow the law should immediately be disqualified from taking part in the elections,” added Bishop Oballa.

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