KENYA: Government De-registers over 500 NGO’s

NAIROBI DECEMBER 16, 2014(CISA)The Kenyan government has de-registered over 500 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for failing to file their audited reports as required by law.

15 NGOs have been accused of funding terrorism activities in the country and the region with possible prosecution of their officials.

NGOs Co-ordination Board executive director Fazul Mohamed said the accounts of the NGOs suspected of aiding terrorism have been frozen and their assets seized.

“It has come to the attention of the board that some NGOs have been used in criminal activities including as conduits of terrorism financing in Kenya and in the Horn of Africa,” Fazul said while addressing a press conference on December 16 at the board’s office.

“The board has de-registered these organisations, frozen their accounts and forwarded information on them to relevant government security agencies for appropriate actions,” he added

Another 12 NGOs with an income of more than Sh500 million and which have failed to file their audited reports have been given a 21 days’ notice to do so or have their licenses revoked.

According to the NGOs Co-ordination Regulations, all charitable organisations are required to file annual reports and audited accounts with the board.



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