EGYPT: Government to Prepare Document on Protection of Churches

CAIRO APRIL 1, 2016 – The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Egypt, will publish a handbook on the subject of “protection of the churches in Islam” Minister Mohamed Mokhtar head of the department, said March 30.

“The book is intended to document the values of coexistence and respect among citizens of different religious belonging,” said Mokhtar.

According to the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs is a body linked to the Egyptian Ministry for Religious facilities (Waqf) the book will be written within a month.

The minister was speaking during the presentation of a manual-encyclopedia dedicated to the refutation of the false conceptions of Islam, which the Egyptian government has valued as a useful tool to combat extremism.

In August 2014 during the military repression, Islamist groups targeted places of worship and Christian educational institutions across Egypt in which more than 40 churches were burned and looted, according to officials.

In recent days, an Egyptian administrative court ruled that churches, as places of worship, cannot be demolished during the case of a Greek Orthodox Patriarchate church sold a few years ago, whose owner had asked to demolish to build a new building in its place.

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