KENYA: Live the Works of Mercy beyond Jubilee Year, Bishop Urges Faithful

NAIROBI NOVEMBER 18, 2016(CISA) – Bishop Joseph Obanyi of the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega has called on the faithful to ensure that they live the works of Mercy even after the end of the Jubilee year of Mercy which ended on Sunday November 20.

“We must endear to practice more and more the works of mercy in our daily lives. The same duties we had during the Jubilee Year of Mercy must be our way of life always,” Bishop Obanyi told CISA a day before the end the Jubilee Year.

He noted that the faithful should begin living “more concrete the Mercy of God within the parishes, the dioceses and the entire church since this will encourage growth of their faith.”

“The Catholic Women Associations, the legionaries, Catholic Men Associations amongst many others should maintain their commitment to do something that is in line with the works of mercy within their parishes, dioceses and even in the outstations,” said Bishop Obanyi.

“If you were paying school fees for children in schools and seminaries, then you must keep doing so. If you were going to visit prisoners and the sick people you too must keep doing that to ensure that it is your way of life,” said Bishop Obanyi.

He called on priests to ensure that the sacrament of reconciliation and love is more accessible even after the end of the year of mercy.

Pope Francis marked  the end the Jubilee Year by closing the Holy Doors at St. Peter’s Basilica with a Mass on Sunday November 20.

In addition to closing the Doors, on Saturday the pope also presided at the Consistory for the creation of 17 new cardinals, 13 of them who are under age 80 and able to vote in an eventual conclave.

The Mass was the first one celebrated with all of the new cardinals and Pope Francis.

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