KENYA: Majority of Kenyans Live in Harmony – Study Shows

NAIROBI, DECEMBER 9, 2014(CISA) – A new survey on the status of social cohesion in the country by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission shows that 56.6 percent of Kenyans are cohesive.

According the study, key components that promote cohesion among Kenyans are trust, peace, equity, diversity, prosperity and national identity.

The report released on December 8 indicated that only 43.7 percent of Kenyans trust people from another ethnic group.

The study showed that the rates of cohesion were however very low in counties along the Eastern and Coastal regions.

The weak trust in these regions is associated to likelihood of conflict in the areas and more so over natural resources.

“Conversely, when individuals lack trust for one another, as well as for public institutions, there is more likely to be conflict given the greater risk of not reaching amicable agreements in issues,” the report cautions.

According to the report, areas with more resources were more cohesive compared to marginalised areas.

Other issues seen to promote division among Kenyans, the report says include high levels of unemployment among the youths and inequitable distribution of resources by both National and County Governments.

The commission’s chairperson Francis ole Kaparo says lack of political goodwill remains a major hurdle in achieving a cohesive society.

“We have to bring cohesiveness to our society because if we do not do that, the very foundation of our existence is at stake. It is difficult; it is a big challenge but must be done.”

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