KENYA: Missionaries Advised to Uphold the Virtue of Integrity

SAGANA, AUGUST 9, 2016(CISA) – Fr Alex Mati the Director, Caritas in the Catholic Diocese of Embu has urged young priests to perform their priestly duties with integrity.

“Integrity gives power to our words, strength to your plans and force to your actions” he reiterated. Integrity, said Fr Mati is the single most important characteristic of every priest, it is the highest standard of honesty.

“Today, more than ever before, lifestyles are changing. In the past, priests could walk long distances, today we have cars and to move in, therefore some form of exercising and healthy eating will keep you going,” said Fr Mati.

He was addressing a group of young Consolata Missionaries gathered at Bethany House, Sagana for their yearly meet up and formation that took place July 25 to 29.

“What is important in this work of evangelization is having the power of the heart.  That way, we become authentic disciples of Christ who is the owner of evangelization” he told CISA in an interview.

Speaking during the same event, Fr James Burasa from the Congregation Holy Cross encouraged the priests to establish a deep relationship with Jesus, the Master whose mission they act on His behalf.

Fr Burasa, said that sitting at the feet of Jesus, like Mary, one gets the anointing, the power and the authority to go out and begin acting in his name. The main challenge priests’ face in their pastoral work as far as the evil spirit is concerned, said Fr Burasa, is lack of knowledge.

“There is a secret recruitment that is going on and no one is challenging it.  The number of people who come to us for deliverance is overwhelming. It is high time parents talked to their children, schools talked to their students and pastors created awareness about this phenomenon,” said Fr Burasa a one-time parish priest of Dandora and currently a PhD candidate in Dogmatic Theology at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA).


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