KENYA: Mother Earth Network in a six-month Tree Planting Campaign in Honor of Pope’s Visit

NAIROBI OCTOBER 30, 2015(CISA) – Franciscans Mother Earth Network- Catholic church based Conservation Network has organized a 6-month tree planting campaign from October to April 2016 in honor of Pope Francis visit for the first time in Africa.

“Now is the time for response and action. Humanity can become much more creative as it has been in the past. The Globe belongs to all people. Nature belongs to all people. Air and water belongs to all people of God,” Fr Hermann Borg chairman, Mother Earth Network said in a statement sent to CISA today.

According to Fr Borg, the network will plant 12,000 Trees at Tangaza University College in Nairobi, 50,000 trees in Lower Subukia, 3000 trees at Loreto Convent Msongari Isinya Project and about 300,000 trees in the 700-acre new forest land of Kasarani Sports complex in Nairobi within the next six months.

“Pope’s visit presents a great chance to promote the tree planting activity at Kasarani and to make it a public affair in the actual presence of the Holy Father himself when he will address the youth at the stadium,” said Fr Borg.

The campaign is aimed at responding to Laudato Si, a recent document issued by Pope to motivate people of all faiths to care for creation. “Mother Earth Network would like to see the initiative of the Holy Father on care for creation spread throughout the whole world as our globe is in danger,” he said.

Fr Borg further urged “all people of good will, governmental institutions, people in authority and management, in leadership and responsibility to act and cooperate in all efforts to plan for action success for this campaign.”

“Our children and children’s children want to live in a world in which it is worth to live in, to adapt to values and virtues and to embrace life to the full and this is what the campaign aims to achieve by creating a sustainable future for the generations,” said Fr Borg.

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