KENYA: “Mothers are the Essence of Sacrificial Love,” says Archbishop van Megen

By Wesley Omondi

NAIROBI, MAY 14, 2024 (CISA) – “A mother has a central place within a family because everyone leans on them. Without a mother, the family cannot exist,” said Archbishop Hubertus van Megen while honouring mothers as models of God’s grace on May 12, 2024.

In his homily at the Assumption of Mary Catholic Church in Umoja, where Catholic communicators gathered to commemorate the 58th World Day of Social Communications, a ceremony that coincided with the Feast of the Ascension and Mother’s Day, the Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya and South Sudan underscored the critical role of mothers within families, emphasizing their profound impact on shaping human dignity and fostering servant leadership.

Drawing attention to the selfless nature of motherhood; the sacrificial love and unwavering devotion exemplified by mothers worldwide, Archbishop van Megen noted, “For mothers, it’s not so much about their own comfort and being in the first place, but about humble service to the family.”

In his homily, he illuminated the tenets of servant leadership, urging the faithful to emulate the nurturing spirit of mothers.

He noted, “Many times in the Church, we speak of servant leadership, but if you really want to understand what servant leadership is all about, then look to your mother. She leads by serving.”

The prelate hailed mothers as guardians of human dignity, selflessly safeguarding the honour of their children and husbands while also acknowledging their resilience and fortitude in prioritizing the needs of their loved ones, a testament to their unwavering commitment to the family.

“Mothers stand for human dignity and that is the spirit of ascension,” he said.