KENYA: Nation to Host Conference on Families Next Month

NAIROBI AUGUST 12, 2016(CISA) – The African Regional Conference on Families will take place in Nairobi between September 22 and 24, President for African Organization for Families, Anne Kioko has said.

“The congress will be a platform to celebrate the African family, deliberate on what is currently ailing the African families and look for a way forward,” Kioko told Waumini News August 11.

She noted that they are concerned by the recent concerted push for legalization of abortion and implementation of controversial Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) as per the UNESCO agreement.

Kioko said that children’s innocence is taken away by multiple UN agencies, federal and local governments and school administrations that are implementing, promoting and funding CSE programs that change sexual behaviour in children.

“These programs go way beyond regular sex education and are designed to change all the sexual and gender norms of society. They openly promote promiscuity, high-risk sexual behaviour and sexual pleasure even to very young children,” she said.

She revealed that pro-family organisations have also started an online petition to urge respective presidents to pull out from the agreements. The congress is being organised by Africa Organization and World Congress of Families in partnership with The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, The Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, Global Institute for Family Integrity (Cameroon) and Foundation for African Culture Heritage (Nigeria).

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