KENYA: New Radio Stations for Maralal and Mombasa Diocese

MARALAL SEPTEMBER 16, 2016(CISA) – The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops has established two more Catholic Radio stations: Radio Mchungaji for Maralal, Radio Tumaini for Mombasa diocese.

These Catholic Community Radio Stations are envisioned in the 2016-2020 KCCB’S strategic plans, which is to foresee Kenya having 20 Catholic radio stations across the country.

Radio Mchungaji, which means ‘the shepherd’ is set to go on air broadcasting at frequency of 95.4fm at a radius of 150km.

Although it is currently airing Nairobi’s Radio Waumini’s programmes, it is yet to have its own programmes in Swahili, Samburu, Turkana and Pokot languages.

Led by Waumini communications Managing Director, David Omwoyo, a one-week training session was held to equip the new radio personnel with broadcasting skills to reach the people of Maralal and Samburu counties in a more professional way.

According to Radio Waumini news report , a Maralal report shows that  Samburu county has a long history of marginalisation buried in policies and practices of social, economic and political negligence that reflect inadequate service delivery, poor infrastructure, high rates of illiteracy and morbidity.

Therefore, establishing the radio station aims to promote human- pastoral development, peace-building and community empowerment; strengthening the Catholic faith and facilitating awareness creation on projects managed by the Catholic dioceses of Maralal.

According to Mr. Omwoyo, the other catholic radio station in the coastal region will support the Archdiocese of Mombasa and the Diocese of Malindi to promote peace-building and local development as well as provide a platform to counter the rampant radicalization of youth in the region as reported by Catholic Mirror.
Archbishop Martin Kivuva of Mombasa and Bishop Emanuel Barbara of the Diocese of Malindi, have both welcomed the initiative and termed it, “long-overdue.”

Bishop Barbara affirmed that the radio will give more attention to local development and serve as a platform for local people’s participation in the community to promote peace and unity.’


Thanks to KCCB for good in upholding and uplifting the faith via catholic radios, I am passianately yearning to work at your station, i hold Diploma in journalism and mass communication. for more reach at 0726386547

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