KENYA: NHIF Partners with The Mater Hospital in Treatment of Heart Conditions

NAIROBI, NOVEMBER 8, 2016 (CISA) – The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) today launched a partnership with Mater Hospital to aid in treatment of heart conditions.

According to NHIF CEO Mr Geoffrey Mwangi, the partnership is meant, “to enhance local capacity to treat and provide funding to those who have heart conditions.”

The NHIF Super Cover targets members of the NHIF who have not been able to receive treatment due to lack of funds.

“NHIF has a mandate to register members and rule out benefit packages. If you are a super cover member, we have a program that can elevate this funding problem and we help those who have not been treated due to lack of funding,” said Mr Mwangi during the launch.

“We are looking to do two things; enhance the local capacity to provide treatment and avoid the issue of people seeking treatment outside the country, and reduce the waiting line for people who are unable to receive treatment due to lack of funding,” he added.

According to Mr Mwangi, the program will run until all heart conditions that are capable of being alleviated have been alleviated.

The program targets the medical facilities, which have the capacity to deliver on heart conditions including Tenwek Hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, Coast General Hospital, Getrudes Hospital, Nairobi Hospital.

So far, the program has aided in five cardiac surgeries; three at Coast General Hospital, one at Getrudes Hospital and one expected at The Mater Hospital.

Present at the event was the Mater Hospital CEO, Dr Wambani Sidika, who expressed her gratitude saying, “I know many are going to benefit through this noble action of the NHIF that they have a started.”

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