KENYA: Pray for me in my New Assignment, Bishop Muheria tells Faithful of Kitui

KITUI MAY 19, 2017(CISA)- Bishop Anthony Muheria has urged Christians of the Catholic diocese of Kitui, where he worked for nine years, to pray for him as he prepares to take up his new role as the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Nyeri.

“…I must confess how hard it was and still is, for me to leave my beloved Kitui.
My daughters and sons, you have truly “stolen” my heart, with the great love you always showed me. My heart is very heavy, and it will be very difficult for me, as I am sure it will be for you,” said Bishop Muheria in a letter addressed to all Christians of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui.

“I am therefore asking for your prayers, so that I can learn to trust God and more in this new assignment, and to be able to carry out what he expects from me, together with his people in Nyeri. I really need your prayers,” he added.

Bishop Muheria called on the faithful to remain steadfast in their faith since “God will send you a worthy steward who will lead you into even better times in our diocese.”

“In his providence, God sends each shepherd, at his time, so as to help build a part of this spiritual house. In these years, I have built over the foundation of both Bishop William Dunne and Archbishop Boniface Lele,” he said.

He called on the young people to be strong in faith since they are the future of the diocese and the nation.

“I have full confidence in you, if you keep your “Faith on Fire!” I have seen how enthusiastic you have been in this year of the youth, in all our activities and in your role in the Church…I continue to carry you in my heart. Remain strong in Faith, and focus your energies and great talents for good,” said Bishop Muheria.

Pope Francis appointed Bishop Muheria the new Archbishop of Nyeri on April 23, 2017 following the retirement of Archbishop Peter Kairo, on attaining the retirement age of 75 years.

Archbishop Anthony Muheria will be installed on Saturday June 17, 2017 in Nyeri.

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