KENYA: Role of the Church in Matters Social Justice cannot be ignored, Bishop Muheria Says

NAIROBI, MAY 22 2015 (CISA) – Bishop Anthony Muheria of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui has said that the Church has a role to play on matters of social justice and cannot be ignored.

The bishop added that the Church has always been at the proponent of right action, “a defender of fair and just decisions, and an upholder of just and upright laws”

“Any leadership or government and indeed any form of governance, cannot ignore the voice of the Church in matters of social justice,” said Bishop Muheria on the final day of International Missionary Conference at Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

The bishop decried that corruption is a major challenge that stands in the way of achieving good governance in the country and that as long as it exist there cannot be any progress that will be achieved and he called for constant interaction between authority and Church leaders on matters.

“We must encourage a constant interaction and relationship between the authorities and the Church,” he said.

Speaking at the same event Justice Smokin Wanjala, Judge of the Supreme Court of Kenya representing the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Dr Willy Mutunga concurred with Bishop Muheria’s sentiments on collaboration between the Church and the judiciary on issues of justice and governance in order for courts to play their mandate effectively.

“The church must continue with its mission of educating the public about the role the judiciary and about court procedures and processes,” said Justice Wanjala.

On his part Mr Charles Kanjama, Advocate of the High Court of Kenya said justice is a core part of human dignity and thus it is important for the missionary mandate, “because the missionary mandate is to teach the people about their rights and their obligations.”

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