KENYA: Students Urged to Uphold Religious and Ethical Values in Studies

NAIROBI OCTOBER 16, 2015(CISA) – Fr Hieronymus Joya, Consolata Missionaries Regional superior of Kenya and Uganda has urged students doing philosophy studies to uphold religious and ethical values in their studies.

Speaking at Consolata Institute of Philosophy in Nairobi October 14, the same day the 2015 BA Grades of 75 students studying philosophy and religious studies were released, Fr Joya called on the students to ensure that their values are built on religion and ethics.

“This institution has a unique characteristic of forming agents of evangelization. Religious and ethical radicalization in this institution or in your formation house will not auger well if you do not build on the basis of religion and ethics that works to preserve the sacredness of life and the integrity and dignity of human person,” said Fr Joya.

He urged the rector, the formatters and the lecturers to ensure that they “de-radicalize the young men by not giving false formation and training otherwise they will remain defective the rest of their life.”

“This is a worrying trend in institutions of higher learning where lecturers collude with students to award them grades that they are not worthy to receive and also those working on offices compromise the good values and act the same by either corruptly colluding with students to buy result and certificates. That is a very high degree of radicalisation which is very unethical,” said Fr Joya.

The institution had seven students with first class honours (Summa Cum Laude Probatus), 36 students with Upper second class honours (Magna Cum Laude Probatus), 30 students with Lower Second class honours (Cum Laude Probatus) and two students with Adequate pass (Bene Probatus).

The philosophy day on the theme ‘religion and ethics which precedes the other in the light of current radicalization’ was marked by presentations from Fr Raphael Wakorach, lecturer at Tangaza University College, Rev Dr John Peter Bwire, Lecturer at Kenyatta University and Dr Jacinta Mwende, Lecturer at the University of Nairobi.

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