KENYA: We Must work Together to Overcome our Challenges, says President Kenyatta

NAIROBI OCTOBER 21, 2015(CISA) – President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on Kenyans to avoid negativity and shun away from politics of divisiveness.

“We have to say no to negativity and politics of divisiveness and hatred. We must harness the things that promote unity and oneness in the endeavor to build prosperity for all Kenyans,” said the President.

Speaking during the Mashujaa Day celebrations at Nyayo National stadium in Nairobi, President Kenyatta called on Kenyans to “engage in a serious conversation on how we can make Kenya great and a source of common pride.”

“We continue to face a number of challenges ranging from terrorism, to crime affecting our homes and neighborhoods.  Terrorism and radicalization of our youth represents an existential threat to our young nation,” said President Kenyatta.

“Ethnic and clan conflicts, cattle rustling, land, boundary…these challenges are working singly and in concert to undermine national cohesion and integration. The time has come for a sober and honest reflection on how best we can resolve the challenges. This self-evaluation must take place at the community and national level,” added the President.

President Kenyatta further called on Kenyans to “cease the culture of tolerating each other and instead begin to celebrate one another united by a common bond of Nationhood and sense of destiny.”

“In this endeavor, we recognize that we cannot do this without the active engagement of all citizens. My brothers and sisters, it is my Government’s sincere hope that we will spend more time seeking to leverage these opportunities and less on sterile activities that detract us from where we should be heading as a nation,” he said.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, the country’s heroes and heroines, foreign envoys, senior Government officials and citizens from all walks of life graced the Mashujaa Day celebrations.

Later, the President and the First Lady hosted a colorful garden party for invited guests at State House, Nairobi.

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