MOZAMBIQUE: Bishop Jualiasse Denounces Discrimination in Sharing of Aid to the Displaced Families


PEMBA, JUNE 18, 2021 (CISA)-Bishop António Juliasse Sandramo, the Apostolic Administrator of the Catholic diocese of Pemba has urged charity groups and authorities giving aid to displaced people who have settled in the provincial capital not to discriminate against the local community.

“The interventions must integrate aspects of good coexistence between the displaced and the local population. The aid should not go only to the displaced, totally ignoring the local population,” Bishop Juliasse said.

“…In order to avoid animosity between local communities and people who have fled violent conflict, there need to be an equitable sharing of resources that have been mobilized to help people who have been displaced. It is necessary for people to share utilities if they are to stay together without any conflict. Resources from land, building materials for houses to basic necessities need to be shared,” he added.

Bishop Juliasse said in order to stop the conflict in Cabo Delgado, it is good to engage the Islamic population in the area in a dialogue and also getting Muslim communities talking of a way forward.

“Dialogue with Muslim brothers and among themselves must be encouraged. In particular, families must find ways to dialogue with young people to show them that the true face of the Islamic religion is not violence,” he said adding it is difficult to attract investments if there is insecurity.