RWANDA: Church Leaders Call for Unity in Nation

KIGALI MARCH 29, 2015(CISA) – Section of church leaders in Rwanda have called for peaceful and harmonious co-existence in the nation.

Speaking at different churches in Kigali during the Easter Sunday Mass March 27, the clerics said that there was need to help the needy and preached about the religious significance of Jesus’ resurrection symbolised by Easter.

Archbishop Thaddée Ntihinyurwa of the Catholic diocese of Kigali said Jesus overcame sin because He was determined to do good as well as well as pray to God.

“He always came closer to God. Jesus loved to pray, spent 40 days and 40 nights praying. All that showed that He was with God,” Archbishop Ntihinyurwa said.

He said for Christians to truly mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, they should follow His path and pray to God.

“Jesus Christ told His disciples to pray so that they do not fall into temptations. Christians should understand that they are supported because they are with the Lord Jesus Christ, who teaches them to pray so that as they are together with Him, they stand firm against Satan and do good deeds,” he said.

Reverent Maurice Klebert Rukimbira of the Anglican Church said that Easter celebrations should unite Christians with God and even friends.

“Easter unites us. The resurrection of Jesus united us with God and our friends. It is a message of unity with God and our friends, uniting with our hearts because sometimes our hearts prove us otherwise. It is a message of victory and unity even with all creatures of God,” said Rev Rukimbira during Easter Mass at St Michel Cathedral.

“We are, therefore, required to do good for one another, share (meals) and it is a good exercise that unites us.”

Passing on the Anglican Bishop Louis Muvunyi’s message, Rev Rukimbira said on Easter, people who are weary and burdened in this world should know that there is a word of hope that this world is not the end.

He said for Christians, it is to strengthen them so that they live in harmony.

Pastor Andrew Mukinisha, of Christian Life Assembly, said Easter is an important ceremony for Christians as it marks the resurrection of Jesus, which is the indelible sign that He is the real Messiah, reported Rwanda’s New Times Newspaper.

“Those forces give Christians hope in our hearts that even if we die, we will be able to resurrect and live with Him if we follow well his principles,” said Mukinisha.

He said people need to have the power of God within them in order to be able to forgive easily; tolerate and value others, knowing that they were also created in God’s Image.

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