SOUTH AFRICA: Bishops welcome Municipal Election Results

JOHANNESBURG AUGUST 26, 2016(CISA)-Southern Africa Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC) has welcomed the results of municipal elections that took place on August 3, noting that all parties have accepted the results as fair. “Democracy itself was the victor,” the bishops proclaimed.

These elections should herald in a new phase in the history of our democracy involving coalition government, realistic opposition politics, and greater responsibility in the exercise of power,” reported Fides August 23.

The elections, which saw an erosion of support for the dominant African National Congress, were seen by the bishops as a call for government reform.

“In this election the people have spoken; they demand change;” the bishops said; “they expect service and they are tired of corruption, maladministration and being ignored.”

The bishops appealed to various political parties to avoid “a winner-take-all mentality.” “Our Country faces huge problems of social trauma; unemployment, inequality, racism, violence, drugs abuse and family breakdown.

Politicians are encouraged to take care of these wounds by recalling that the quality of life of the nation is measured by the care given to the poor, to children of all ages and all the marginalized,” the bishops said.

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