SOUTH SUDAN: Spread Peace and Avoid Tribalistic Advices, Priests tell Faithful

JUBA OCTOBER 25, 2016 (CISA) – South Sudan Catholic priests have advised Christians to spread the words of peace instead of preaching war cautioning the youth to avoid hatred.

Speaking on separate occasions, both Fr Henry Gidudu and Fr Erkolano Lodu Tombe used their preaching to encourage peaceful coexistence among the people of South Sudan.

In his homily October 23 at Sacred Heart Parish of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek, Fr Gidudu said a good believer spreads the news of salvation through Jesus Christ, Radio Good News reported.

“The primary job of a Christian is evangelization of the gospel that does not segregate or harm any community,” he said.

The priest reminded his parishioners to do well to others to avoid heading to hell and act with focus on faith to inherit the kingdom of God.

Preaching during the feast of St Anthony, in Mary Claryte at St Joseph’s Parish, Juba on October 24, Fr Lodu called on the youth “to stop listening to the wrong advice from Council of Elders based on tribalism.”

According to Fr Lodu, Christianity will make South Sudan shine in the world and he further directs the youth to continue walking in the light so that they will be heirs of heaven.

South Sudan has been experiencing clashes that has left hundreds dead while displacing about 2.2 million others from their homes because of the insecurity according to the UN.

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