SUDAN: Country Issues Flood warning as Nile Rises

KHARTOUM AUGUST 12, 2016(CISA) – Sudanese authorities have warned people living near the banks of river Nile to be wary of flooding, after two weeks of heavy rainfall killed dozens across the country.

“The Blue Nile is rising because of continuous heavy rainfall in Ethiopia,” Mohameddin Abu al-Qasim of the interior ministry told AFP August 10. The Blue Nile flows to Khartoum where it meets the White Nile and they become the Nile, which flows into Egypt.

“We warn residents living on both sides of the Nile to be cautious,” said al-Qasim. The water levels are rapidly rising in the state of Blue Nile bordering Ethiopia, the official news agency SUNA reported. At least 76 people have been killed due to flooding elsewhere in Sudan, Interior Minister Ismat Abdul-Rahman said last week.

The United Nations aid agencies had warned of flooding in Sudan between July and November this year. A downpour in August 2013 was the worst to hit Khartoum in 25 years, affecting tens of thousands of people, the UN said. Those floods had killed about 50 people nationwide, most of them in the capital.

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