TANZANIA: Bishop Urges Youth to Vote in Coming Elections

MPANDA, JUNE, 16 2015 (CISA) – Bishop Gervas Nyaisonga of the Catholic Diocese of Mpanda, Tanzania has called on youth in the country to participate in the coming General Elections.

“Go and register as voters and know that your vote will make a difference by voting for good leaders; make sure that you use your democratic right by voting on the day of the election,” he said.

Bishop Nyaisonga was speaking during the opening Mass of the Catholic Youth Conference in the Catholic diocese of Njombe that was held June 9 – 15 under the theme “Come to me, all you who labour and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

The conference organized by Tanzania Episcopal Conference brought together about 1800 participants from all the dioceses of Tanzania, reported Kiongozi Newspaper TEC.

Bishop Nyaisonga further called on the youth to respect the dignity of life, avoid being misused by greedy people for their selfish gain as well as short-cuts in life which normally make them ruin their lives.

Instead, he urged them to remain firm and capable of making responsible decisions, while establishing a close relation with Christ.

“Christ loves you and is ready to help carry your luggage if you are committed to him,” he said adding that they should use their intellect and will power to fight the challenges of life.

While warning young people against corruption, drug addiction, abortion or associating with terrorists groups the prelate said: “These will not give you solutions to your challenges.”

Also present during the opening Mass was Rt Rev Desiderius Rwoma of the Catholic diocese of Bukoba – the Chairman of Lay Apostolate and Rt Rev Alfred Maluma – the hosting bishop.

Tanzanian General Election to be held in October will be the 5th since the restoration of multi-party system in 1992.

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