TANZANIA: Help Zanzibar Find Peace, Archbishop Ruwa’ichi tells State

MTWARA JANUARY 26, 2016(CISA)-Archbishop Jude Thadaeus Ruwa’ichi of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mwanza has called on the government to act quickly in order to save Zanzibar from plunging into chaos.

“We need to keep praying for peace to reign and Zanzibar’s deadlock should not end up dividing us. If Zanzibar is drawn into unrest, the mainland will not be safe; let’s pray to God to save us from all divisions that may spoil our peace,” Tanzania’s the citizen Newspaper quoted Archbishop Ruwa’ichi saying.

He counseled people to consolidate unity, co-operation, love, and honesty.

Speaking during the consecration of the new the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Mtwara, Titus Mdoe January 21, Archbishop Ruwa’ichi said that if Zanzibar is plunged into unrest, Tanzania mainland too would not remain safe.

Speaking  during the same function, the minister of state in the Prime Minister’s office (parliament affairs, policy, labour, employment, youth and the Disabled), Jenister Mhagama, said lack of good morals on the part of some leaders, corrupt practices and the killing of people with albinism, were negative tendencies that must be condemned and curbed by all well-meaning people.

She said the government would remain steadfast in playing its part in enforcing laws and sensitizing wananchi to be good citizens, adding that the Church should play its role on that score too.

“The government invests its hopes on religious leaders like you, Bishop Mdoe, We count on clerics to encouraging Tanzanians embrace and promote religious teachings, and we, in government will endeavour to ensure they observe laws and regulations,” she said.

Zanzibar’s election commission  January 22 that the new presidential polls for Tanzania’s semi-autonomous islands will be held on March 20, after elections last year were scrapped for alleged irregularities.

“Preparations for the fresh election are going on. I appeal for patience, and the observation of election laws,” Zanzibar Election Commission (ZEC) chairman Jecha Salim Jecha said in a statement after announcing the date of the rerun.

Zanzibar has experienced sectarian and political tensions in recent years — including recent grenade explosions — with the unrest affecting the islands’ key tourist industry.

The October 25 elections, which were held across Tanzania, were scrapped on Zanzibar after ZEC reported violations of electoral law.

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