TANZANIA: President Calls for Religious Unity in Nation

DAR ES SALAAM NOVEMBER 29, 2016 (CISA)-President John Magufuli has called on religious leaders to embrace love among one another to foster the nations’ development.

“I am very grateful because you are continuing to pray for this nation. I thank you because you have always been kneeling down before God, praying for peace and love among us,” Tanzania Daily News quoted President Magufuli as saying.

President Magufuli said that religious leaders had played a key role in ensuring that the nation achieves her development agenda and therefore should remain united.

“The religious leaders in their own way have helped our country develop even before our country attained independence. We are very grateful for that,” said President Magufuli.

“Regardless of your religious disparities or political affiliations we all have a duty to support the clerics so that their good intentions in building this nation continue to succeed,” he added.

He was speaking at St Alban’s Anglican Church in Dar es Salaam on Sunday November 26.

He further thanked the Anglican Church and other religions for continuing to pray for the nation and maintaining peace and tranquility.

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