TOGO: We are Living in a Delicate Moment, Catholic Bishops Say

LOME, MAY 15, 2015(CISA)-The Bishop of Kpalime and president of the Episcopal conference of Togo during their ad limina visit to Rome said that people were living in a delicate moment.

This is following elections that were held in the country on April 25 this year  that saw the re-election of the outgoing head of state who won a third term but the opposition candidate did not accept the results proclaimed by the Supreme Court.

According to Fides, the president of the Episcopal conference said that all bishops of churches in Africa should be involved in the social and political life of their specific countries.

He recalled a few years back that a Truth and reconciliation Commission was created in Togo and a catholic bishop was elected as its president. In just under three years, the bishop said that the commission had played an important role, saying that it was time to apply what the commission had elaborated.

He concluded by saying that the church in Togo had priests and that their hope lies on priests formation adding that their prayer was that the Lord gave them the gift of discernment in order to make good choices.

Togo elections were reportedly conducted peacefully.

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