US: Ghanaian Catholic Laity Council Retreat 2015 to be Held in New Jersey

NEW JERSEY, AUGUST 7, 2015(CISA) – The Ghanaian Catholic Laity Council of New York, New Jersey and New England will hold its annual Retreat at Newark, New Jersey from August 14-16 2015.

The Council chairman Anthony Boadu, explaining the rationale behind the convention, said “as Christians, there is the need for us to meet from time to time to take stock of our lives, our relationship with Christ and with society.”

He said Christians should let their lives be symbols of peace and love, devoid of discrimination and uncontrolled craving for wealth.

These, he said, divert their focus from faith to worldly adventures that are of no use to humanity.

Boadu also said that the convention will offer an opportunity for attendees to dedicate themselves to prayer as a means to solidify Christian morality.

The Ghanaian Catholic Community of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Newark, New Jersey will host this convection at the Essex County College.
In attendance will be about 600 Ghanaian Catholics from seven apostolates, which constitute the Laity Council.

There will be representatives from Apostolates of St. Mary’s – Newark, New Jersey, St. Catherine of Genoa- Brooklyn, New York, St. Benedict the Moor-Queens, New York, St. Joseph’s from Bronx, New York, St. Mary’s from East Hartford, Connecticut, the St. Joan of Arc from Worcester and the St. John’s from North Chelmsford, both in Massachusetts.

The convention, under the theme “Cast into the deep for a catch” will give delegates the opportunity to pray for peace and unity among all Catholics and Ghanaians, as well as share in their faith.

The Laity Council was formed in 1998 to foster unity and cooperation among Ghanaian Catholic communities in the tri-state of New York, New Jersey and New England, as well as to coordinate the activities of various Ghanaian Catholic apostolates.

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