ZAMBIA: Every Christian must Heed to the Call of Proclaiming the Gospel, says Bishop

LUSAKA FEBRUARY 23, 2016(CISA) – Bishop Clement Mulenga of the Catholic diocese of Kabwe has asked Christians to respond to Christ’s call of Proclaiming the Gospel to everyone.

In his homily during the opening of the conference of the Council of the Laity in the Association Member Episcopal Conferences of Eastern Africa (AMECEA) held at St. Mathias Mulumba parish in Lusaka February 16, Bishop Mulenga said that the people “should not trade violence in homes and communities.”

“The laity should not to be perpetrators of violence in families, communities and the region at large but dedicate their faith against it. Your duty is to help communities to fight against all forms of violence and carry the peace of Christ and give testimony to the spirit of sharing,” he said.

“Discuss everything from the bottom of your hearts. Make sure that whatever you have that is going to help our region comes out so that wherever we go, it will be easy for us to implement the resolutions we are going to come up with during our deliberations. The Lord is always there to guide us, so let us invite the Holy Spirit to be with us so that in our deliberations, everything goes accordingly,” Bishop Mulenga urged the conference participants.

Bishop Mulenga who is also the director for Pastoral noted that people should preach peace to everyone including the excluded that have been put in the peripherals by letting them find a place among God’s people.

“Everyone is called to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ even to the excluded and lepers, those that are pushed, the tax collectors of today, it is our duty to rehabilitate them,” Bishop Mulenga said.

More than 30 delegates from Malawi, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Eritrea, Zambia, Uganda, Djibouti and Ethiopia attended the conference that ended on February 20.

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