ZIMBABWE: Bishop Bemoans Corruption

GWERU, DECEMBER 5, 2014(CISA) – Bishop Xavier Munyongani of the Catholic diocese of Gweru has called on all Catholics, starting with the President, to stop engaging in corrupt activities that have destroyed the economy and society’s values

Addressing the launch of the Gweru chapter of the Catholic Professionals Network of Zimbabwe (CPNZ) on Wednesday December 3 called upon President Mugabe to prove to the world his commitment to fight corruption.

“When I was in Rome recently, President Robert Mugabe and his wife were also there for the beautification of Pope Paul IV. The whole world (seeing that), gets the impression that he is a very holy man, brought up by the Jesuits. When you tell other people that he is the same man presiding over our misery, they may dismiss you as someone who is ungrateful,” Zimabwean Daily quoted Bishop Munyongani as saying.

“But if his faith is guiding him, then it should be seen in the way he leads us,” said the bishop, adding that corruption affects everyone in society, including innocent children.

He cited the recent leaks from the public examinations board that forced innocent students, who had spent precious time studying and preparing for their exams and re-sit the exams.

He challenged Catholic professionals, wherever they work, to stand up against corruption and make a difference, warning them that they would face resistance but they should neither withdraw nor surrender because God is always on the side of those who do what is right.


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