TANZANIA: Bishops Warn President Magufuli against Violation of Human Rights

DAR ES SALAAM, FEBRUARY 13, 2018(CISA) – Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) has warned President John Magufuli against violations of democratic principles and freedom of expression in the country. “Political activities are prohibited by the instrumentalization of the police. The activities of political parties, such as public gatherings, demonstrations, marches, debates inside premises, which are the […]

DRC: Pope Appeals for Peace in Nation

KINSHASA JANUARY 26,2018 (CISA)-Pope Francis has renewed his appeal for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo amid reports of violence as the opposition calls for the exit of President Joseph Kabila. “Troubling news continues to come from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Therefore, I renew my call for everyone to commit to avoiding all […]

DRC: Church Seek International Help to Solve Crisis

KINSHASA JANUARY 23, 2018 (CISA) – The Episcopal Conference of the Democratic Republic of Congo (CENCO) is calling for international intervention to solve the country’s political problem following deadly protests. “Within the context of the on-going crisis in our country, the bishops of the CENCO  are convinced that within the framework of international cooperation, brothers, friends and […]

KENYA: Bishop Muhatia Urges Families to have more Children, says Procreation will Maintain Consistent Growth of the Church

NAKURU, JANUARY 19, 2018 (CISA) – “Those blessed with the sacrament of marriage should not limit themselves on the number of children,” Bishop Maurice Muhatia Makumba of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru has said. The Bishop was speaking Saturday January 13 in a homily delivered during the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru Golden Jubilee celebrations held at […]