DRC: Catholic Bishops Express Readiness to Work with President Tshisekedi

KINSHASA, FEBRUARY 22, 2019 (CISA) – The National Episcopal Conference of Congo has expressed its readiness to collaborate with Felix Tshisekedi, the new president of Democratic Republic of Congo.

“The head of state who is there, is officially recognized. And we can only deal with him,” said Fr Donatien Nshole the secretary general of the CENCO during Head of State’s greeting ceremony on Friday February 15.

Also present was Bishop Marcel Utembi President of the CENCO.

Fr Nshole said that it is imperative for the Catholic Church in Congo to comply with the decisions of Congolese institutions and that is why “as soon as the Constitutional ruled, the CENCO did not say a word, out of respect for the institutions of the republic.”

CENCO was among the institutions that had questioned the outcome of the January 10 presidential elections based on their independent report which differed with that of the National Electoral Commission of Congo (CENI).

Congolese constitutional court upheld the victory of President Tshisekedi as had been announced by CENI.

“No matter how you get into power, the head of state who is there, is officially recognized, and we can only deal with him,” said Father Nshole.