GABON: Archbishop Calls for International Intervention to End Crisis

LIBREVILLE SEPTEMBER 6, 2016 (CISA) – Archbishop Basile Mvé Engone of Libreville has called for the intervention of an international mediator to solve Gabon’s political crisis following the recently disputed presidential elections.

Official results showed President Ali Bongo narrowly won the elections but opposition challenger Jean Ping cried foul, and claimed he had won the poll and called for a general strike.
“In the face of opposing positions, we are inspired to African wisdom, according to which when two brothers’ fight, it is essential to involve a third party as a mediator,” said Archbishop Basile Mvé in a message to the nation, Fides reported.

The Archbishop in particular addresses the UN, African Union and European Union, which he said “had committed themselves to fund the electoral process” and to “fully carry out their role in helping Gabon to emerge from the crisis.”

“Our Country has to rely on the mediation of organizations and international institutions to preserve unity, justice and peace,” he said.

Meanwhile, the African Union said today it would send a delegation to Gabon to help resolve the standoff which has led Minister of Justice Seraphin Moundounga, to resign in protest against the re-election of President Bongo.

“It is an urgent matter and I expect the high-level delegation to be dispatched very soon,” African Union spokesman Jacob Enoh Eben said.

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