GABON: Junta to End Transition in August 2025 with New Elections, Appoints Archbishop of Libreville Chair of National Dialogue

By Paschal Norbert

LIBREVILLE, NOVEMBER 24, 2023(CISA) – Gabon’s Committee for the Transition and Restoration of Institutions (CTRI), chaired by transitional President Brice Oligui Nguema has announced that presidential elections will be held in August 2025 to end the ongoing political transition.

The announcement made live on national television on November 13 by the junta which overthrew President Ali Bongo on August 30, 2023, also published a timetable for Gabon’s political transition that will take place in two faces beginning next year until 2025 with the general elections.

According to Colonel Ulrich Manfoumbi Manfoumbi, CTRI spokesperson, the timetable is indicative and will be definitively adopted at the Inclusive National Dialogue scheduled from April 1 to 30, 2024.

The aim of the national dialogue to be chaired by Most Rev Jean-Patrick Iba-Ba, the archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Libreville, is to draw up a new political and institutional outline for the republic.

The CTRI also stated that many reforms will be initiated before the 2025 elections, including the transformation of the transitional parliament into a constituent assembly responsible for presenting a future constitution in October 2024, following a referendum on its adoption to be held between November and December of the same year.

The transitional authorities maintained that presidential elections will be held in August 2025 to end the transition, after a new electoral code is finalized and adopted by parliament between January and March 2025.

These announcements are in line with the promises of President Nguema who pledged a new constitution, a new electoral code, and a reliable penal code. The military man also promised to return power to civilians and organize “free” and “transparent” elections.