GHANA: Bishops Urge Citizens to Use lent as a Period of Reflection

TAMALE, MARCH 5, 2019 (CISA)-The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC) in a Lenten message issued March 1, highlighted that this year’s Lent has special significance to the country as the Ash Wednesday of March 6, coincides with the 62nd anniversary of country’s independence day.

“We consider this occurrence not just as a mere coincidence or accident of history, but a special moment of grace intended by God as an occasion for sober reflection on our lives as Christians and our contributions to Ghana as citizens of this dear nation of ours,” the bishops said in a pastoral letter signed by Archbishop Philip Naameh, the president of GCBC.

It is also, “…a true moment of grace for our church and our nation to pray together in gratitude to God and to seek God’s blessings in the days ahead,” the bishops said.

The bishops applauded progress made towards the restoration of peace in Dagbon region after many years of conflict and appealed for peace in Alavanyo-Nkonya enclave, Sankore, Mim, Drobo, and Japekrom among other regions in the country.

“Our country at this material moment needs her sons and daughters to live in peace and harmony in their homes and families, in their localities, in their places of work, in their social intercourse, in their clans and ethnic groups and in the nation as a whole,” it reads.

As the nation celebrates its independence, “We cannot but continue to thank God for the peace and stability we enjoy and the significant gains we are making toward economic development and prosperity.”

Ghana gained independence from Great Britain in 1957.