GHANA: We need More Selfless People to Lead our Nation, Archbishop Says

KUMASI SEPTEMBER 23, 2016(CISA) – Archbishop Peter K. Sarpong, Archbishop Emeritus of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi has urged leaders to be selfless and work tirelessly without expecting any reward.

“Present-day Ghana is too inexplicably selfish, full of selfish individuals, groups and tribes… We need great men for Ghana, who would work selflessly and sacrificially for the nation,” Ghana Web quoted Archbishop Emeritus as saying. Archbishop Emeritus was speaking during a lecture titled, “The relevance of Archbishop John Kodwo Amissah’s thoughts in today’s Ghana”, at the Christ the King Parish Hall in Accra, September 20.

Archbishop Amissah was the archbishop of Cape Coast until his tragic death in a car accident on September 22, 1991 on his way to pastoral visit to one of the parishes of the archdiocese of Cape Coast.

The late bishop was notably forthright and fearless in his defense of people against individuals or bodies whose actions and policies were destructive of those rights.

The lecturer was organised by the Knighthood Forum of the Catholic Church, made up of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall and the Knights of St John International and Ladies Auxiliary.

Stating the thoughts of Archbishop Amissah, Archbishop Emeritus Sarpong said “his hatred for injustice is surely relevant to today’s Ghana, where injustices are committed with the ease with which we blow our noses.”

He challenged leaders in the country to stand for truth, justice and defend those whose rights are trampled upon.

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