KENYA: Be Actively involved in Politics, Cardinal Njue Urges Young Professionals

NAIROBI FEBRUARY 3, 2015(CISA) – John Cardinal Njue has called upon young Christian professionals to be actively involved in national decision making processes.

“We have to deliberately ensure that our Christian faith interacts with the political and social functions by speaking to issues that arise with the political and social functions,” Cardinal Njue told a meeting of the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) at the Holy Family Minor Basilica Hall on January 31.

The Chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops Cardinal said young Christians need to participate in the daily social life of the country, and politics while still living in accordance with their Christian calling.

He added that through the involvement of the youth, it would be the best way to morally and politically secure the future of the Country.

He further commended the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum for always speaking out especially on issues threatening the family, which he described as the basic unit of the society.

“I am honoured and encouraged to see young Christian professionals ready to profess their faith in their daily lives and professions: more so in Kenya today when Christianity is facing challenges. Your Christian commitment gives me great pride and a lot of hope,” noted Cardinal Njue.

He called on the Christian professionals to engage political leaders and the youth in Kenya, and teach them to appreciate the importance of humility and character as opposed to money or power.

The Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) is a group of Christian professionals from various denominations sharing common values on issues of family, life and religious freedom and social justice.

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