KENYA: Bishop urges government to Speed up War on Ethnic Hatred, Impunity

SIAYA, JANUARY 22, 2016(CISA) – Bishop Joseph Wasonga of the Anglican Diocese of Maseno West has called upon the government to strengthen the fight against impunity, land grabbing and ethnic hatred, warning it threatens to tear apart the country if not addressed urgently.

Speaking when he lead a joint service on Sunday January 17, at St Peter’s Cathedral, Siaya town the prelate said unless Kenyans tamed their obsession with past ills, which he said are being used by “retrogressive and unpatriotic leaders” to sow seeds of hatred among communities, the healing necessary for advancing as a nation would not be achieved.

“Kenyans should stand up and say no to the culture of negative ethnicity, land grabbing, hate speech and impunity because the country cannot continue to live in the past,” said Bishop Wasonga.

The bishop asked for a spirit of forgiveness urging those who have acquired wealth illegally to surrender it back for the country to move forward.

The bishop further asked leaders in the country to hold prayers for Kenya Defence Forces soldiers in Somalia as they “continue to risk their lives in their duty to help stabilise a neighbour in need.”

“A time has come for leaders to put aside their political differences and organise prayers for Kenyan soldiers in their counties as a way of showing solidarity with them and consoling the bereaved families,” said the bishop.

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