KENYA: Bishops Decry Handling of Drought as Attention Shifts to Politics

NAIROBI APRIL 28, 2017 (CISA)-The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops has expressed concern over the shift of attention from handling famine to politics.

“Whereas many people, especially in dry areas continue to experience a worsening situation of drought, it is evident that all attention has been diverted to politics with considerable resources being used in campaigns and road shows,” said bishop Cornelius Korir, the Chairman Catholic Justice and Peace.

Bishop Korir was reading a press statement at the completion of their Ordinary Plenary Assembly at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Nairobi on April 28, the bishops observed that would otherwise be used to fight the drought and famine is being spent on politics.

He warned that the leaders’ greed and self-centeredness in their quest for power was crippling efforts to address the menace pushing Kenyans to the brink of despair.

“It is unfortunate that the same leaders, who are supposed to engage in drought management activities, are the same ones misusing the little available resources by bribing voters. The culture of greed and self-centeredness is worsening an already bad situation. Suffering Kenyans are being pushed to the brink of despair,” he said.

Political parties in Kenya are currently holding nominations for political posts ahead of theAugust 8, General Elections.

The Catholic bishops noted that prolonged drought meanwhile has ravaged many parts of the country causing untold suffering to many, with pastoralists having lost 60 percent of their livestock.

“Kenyans are experiencing the scourge of famine that unless mitigated urgently might lead to loss of many lives. We urge the County and National Governments to work together in harmony to ensure food security,” he said.

They thanked the government for declaring drought a national disaster and urged the faithful and every Kenyan to join the Catholic Church in their ongoing efforts to address the situation.

“We thank the Government for heeding our call to declare drought a national disaster and therefore to appeal for relief emergencies to affected areas. We thank and appeal to all our Christians  and people of good will not to get tired of helping those who are in need,” he concluded.

They further called on the County and National Government to work together to address the situation that risks causing further loss of lives.

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