KENYA: Catholic Legislators on a Tour to Israel

TEL AVIV, OCTOBER 30, 2018 (CISA)-Members of the Catholic Members of Parliament Spiritual Support Initiative (CAMPSSI) are on an 8 day tour in Israel for pilgrimage, and learning modern agricultural methods that can help improve agricultural practices in Kenya

“We have nine MPs here. We have visited several technological innovation centers and religious sites and more are to be visited in coming days. We are just in day two of eight days,” Alice Muchiri the Administrator of CAMPSSI told CISA on October 30.

The legislators sponsored the trip themselves, and also sponsored Fr Giuseppe Caramazza who gives them spiritual support and Alice Muchiri, the Administrator of CAMPSSI and coordinator of the trip.

They are being hosted by Israeli Seminar Organization.

For the past two days, the legislators have visited Tel Aviv, where they held consultations with Israeli experts in crop disease, pest and human health management.

They also visited Kibbutz Magal in northern Israel, where they learnt about progressive agricultural technologies particularly the methods of Netafim drip irrigation which involves drippers, dripper lines, sprinklers and micro-emitters.

In their seminars, they sought to learn how Israel has rapidly developed in innovations despite facing many odds which include its size and population, warring neighbourhood among other disadvantages.

They also visited House of Biblical Dorcas in Jaffa, Basilica of the Annunciation, and they will celebrate Mass daily.

Legislators who are on the trip are Dr Chris Wamalwa, Catherine Wambilianga, Joyce Kamene, Prof Jackline Oduol, Dr Sakwa Bunyasi, Charles Ngusya Nguna, Jude Njomo, Paul Kahindi Katana and Paul Abuor.