KENYA: Catholic Schools’ Heads Urged to instill Chastity, Humility among Youth

NAIROBI AUGUST 11, 2015 (CISA) – Bishop Maurice Muhatia Makumba, Chairman of the  Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB),Commission for Education and Religious Education  has called on Catholic schools’ principals to instil virtues such as humility and chastity within the young people.

“In order for our schools to be successful in fulfilling their mission they must instill within the young people life of virtue. Our young people need to acquire and master many virtues in order to navigate well the perilous waters of life in the world of today; such virtues include chastity and humility,” said Bishop Muhatia.

“Make chastity and humility your schools mantra and you will reap positive relationships and performance,” he added.

Bishop Muhatia of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru was speaking today during the Catholic Schools Principals’ Association (CASPA (k)) Conference at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA).

The three day conference taking place August 11 – 13 is under the theme, “Saving the youth from destructive behaviour, a Catholic Schools Responsibility” is organised by CASPA (k) interim.

Bishop Muhatia noted how the just concluded school term was marked with a number of destructive incidences in some schools around the country including some which are Catholic based and said it is for this reason why the theme was chosen, “in order to give us an opportunity to reflect and come up with effective strategies of increasing our formative engagement with the youth in our schools.”

The bishop further called for “a collaborative and non judgmental engagement of every player in education” including principals teachers, parents, students, churches and the local community in order “for us to be effective in addressing the destructive behavior of our young people.”

He also urged the principals to build a humane school community that encourages interaction, positive relationship and open channels of communication.

“Catholic schools are called to journey with our young people out of darkness into the light of the risen Christ,” said Bishop Muhatia, adding. “It is expectation of parents and society that Catholic schools form and inform children as well as shield them from harm.”

“This is the time more than ever before that our Catholic schools have to step-up to the plate and be true to what they are called for, for the good of our young people in this life and the next,” he said.

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