KENYA: Church Launches Catholic Education Institutions Association

NAIROBI, MARCH 13, 2015(CISA) –The Catholic Church in Kenya has today launched the Catholic Private Education Institutions Association (CaPEIA) that is aimed at bringing all Catholic private institutions together.

“We as Catholics want to pool our resources, bring together our institutions so that with unity we can better promote the mission, vision of the Catholic Church in this country especially in the area of education,” said Bishop Maurice Makumba, chairman of the Commission for Education and Religious education.

He was speaking at the end of the Catholic Private Educational Institutions Director and Head teachers Conference held at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa held March 10- 13.

The prelate urged the directors, principals and the head teachers of Catholic private intuitions to follow the guidelines written in the association’s constitution.

“You are the nerve centre of the formation of children in the society today, so we are relying on you in the right formation for children…let us be men and women who will make a difference in the education system in the country.” Bishop Makumba added.

The association (CaPEIA) was formed because the Catholic Private educational institutions have a different mission with that of the Kenya Private School Association.

The vice chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Philip Anyolo urged the delegates at the conference to have a unique approach to challenges facing the education system in Kenya.

“We want the education level to be advanced in the country therefore we come here in the conference to find ways we can bring together the heads of the education to find ways we can improve to educate nation and the church.”

“This conference is being held at the time of lent; this helps in reflection of our previous performance,” added Bishop Anyolo.

Bishop Makumba supported the government’s decision to abolish ranking of the schools in the education system abolishing of school ranking in Kenya.

“Ranking of schools has become a source of making money and corruption and is no longer a tool which is used to help our education system and help children,” said the bishop.




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