KENYA: Desist From Electing Corrupt Leaders, Urges Anglican Archbishop

By Odiwuor Opiyo

NAIROBI, APRIL 22, 2022 (CISA) – “We note with major concern that corruption is one of our major challenges as a country. There is an urgent need to curb by every means possible, plunder and misuse of public resources by persons entrusted to steward them must be brought to a stop. We call upon all Kenyans to uphold and restore national and personal values that promote a value-based society and respect human dignity and steward public resources for our collective and common good,” said Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit of the Anglican Church of Kenya during a State of the Nation address that culminated an ACK Senior Clergy conference on April 21.

Archbishop Ole Sapit encouraged Kenyans to desist from voting in leaders who have been charged in a court of law or have pending cases of corruption in court, “We guide the electorate to examine all those seeking leadership positions and reject all those charged in a court of law and are found guilty having stolen public funds or anyone with a pending case. “

“As a church, we shall continue to preach and undertake campaigns against corruption…we shall join like-minded institutions to support governance and other good performance and encourage every one of us to monitor service delivery and ensure that quality services are delivered to all,” read the statement.

The head of the Anglican Church in Kenya intimated that the Church is ready to participate in independent budget analysis, participate in budget making and social vetting of political leaders more so during this time when the country is headed for General Election slated for August 9, this year.

The church, he said, will continue to engage duty bearers as well as right holders, as an agent of Jesus to inspire hope, especially at a time when the country continues to face negative economic effects and global challenges.

He further pointed out that the Church will continue to play its role in preaching peace and truth at all times of the electioneering period while maintaining that these must be guiding principles.

“We shall play our role of mediation, civic education and of standing for the values and principles of justice that truth, peace and national cohesion in the pre-election period, during the election and after the election must be our driving light,” he concluded.