KENYA: Marsabit Diocese Launches Radio Jangwani

MARSABIT MARCH 18, 2016(CISA) – The Catholic diocese of Marsabit today launched Radio Jangwani 106.3 FM – a Catholic radio station which aims to address social, economic and political issues in the region.

According to Fr Ibrahim Racho, the director of the radio station, “The primary aim of the radio is evangelization, but we are going to have issues of peace because this is a conflict prone area and for this we are going to have programs that bring people together, create unity and harmony among the people.”

The radio station which went on air on January 26, 2016 broadcasts in several languages including; English, Swahili, Borana, Gabra, Rendile and Samburu languages.

“We are celebrating the cultural diversity of the people in Marsabit; they all have equal airtime in the radio where they are engaged. The fans of the radio come from all faiths, people from  other denominations and even the Muslims call in, they send short messages appreciating what we are doing — inspiring the community in Marsabit,” Fr Racho told CISA in a telephone interview.

While launching the radio station, Bishop Joseph Obanyi, the chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (KCCB) Commission for Social Communications noted that there was a great need for peace within the community and hoped that Radio Jangwani would be the voice and instrument to bring that peace.

Radio Jangwani broadcasts to the whole of Marsabit County, the entire catholic diocese of Marsabit and beyond.

Some of the programs on the station include Jangwani Spiritual Food, Gharika ya Shangwe, and News from the Country and the County.

Present at the launch were Bishops Peter Kihara, the host and bishop of the Catholic diocese of Marsabit, Bishop Virgilio Pante of the Catholic Diocese of Maralal and Ambrogio Ravasi, bishop emeritus of the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit.

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) in its strategic plan hopes to put up 20 radio stations in the country by the year 2020.

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