KENYA: Mother Earth Network, KFS Plant Trees to Mark International Day of Forests

NAIROBI MARCH 24, 2015(CISA)-The Franciscans Mother Earth Network and Kenya Forest Service- a government organization mandated to take care of forests in Kenya in collaboration with other stakeholders came together to plant trees on March 21 to mark the international Day of Forests.

Speaking during the celebrations at Ngong Forest Primary School, Fr Herman Borg, Chairman Mother Earth Network urged the participants to take forest conservation issues more serious.

“We should all actively participate in tree planting to promote sustainable development of our country, trees will give us good climate, quality air, good harvest and improved economic development,” said Fr Borg.

He lauded the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) for their efforts in conservation of nature saying it had helped save forests from depletion.

Speaking during the same event, Prof Karanja Njoroge, chairman, Friends of Karura called upon the government to promote forest education to the young generations noting that it would encourage involvement of students and young people in forest conservation.

Prof Njoroge further called for good forest governance, saying it was a key determinant for sustainable development in the forestry sector.

“The future of the coming generation is much being determined on how the current generation conserves our forest resources,” said Prof Karanja.

Twenty ceremonious trees mainly, prunus africanas, Warburgia Ugandensis, Makamia Lutea, Podocarpus, Croton Megalocapus, Elgon tick, Vitex keniensis, Juniperus Procera, Newtonian buchananii, Telea Nubilis were planted.

The species were considered to be very important due to their ecosystem provision of medicine, fuel wood, timber and mitigation of climate change through carbon sequestration.

The tree planting will be followed by massive planting of over one thousand tree seedlings once the rains set in April.

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