KENYA: Phase Three of Reopening of Public Worship Allows for Longer Gatherings

Archbishop Anthony Muheria

By Wairimu Ruth

NAIROBI, MARCH 9, 2021 (CISA) – “In view of the decline of the number of new cases, and in general the number of casualties of Covid-19, we have decided to transition to Phase three of the Phased reopening of our Public Worship,” the Interfaith Council for National Response to Corona Virus Pandemic has said.

According to a March 6 statement signed by Archbishop Anthony Muheria of Catholic archdiocese of Nyeri and Chairman of Interfaith Council, phase three will allow longer periods of worship, up to three hours of worship, and youth and children services and gatherings may also take place.

The council stressed that worship gatherings will continue to be controlled strictly following the Interfaith Council Guidelines on entry, sanitization and social distancing.

The Interface Council noted that funerals continue pose the greatest challenge in controlling the spread of Covid-19.

“We continue to face the greatest challenges in the funerals. We wish to highlight that this continues the highest threat by far, for infection spread. We are still very concerned about the careless attitude of Kenyans when attending and organizing funerals, in total disregard to the measures of prevention and prudence,” the council said pleading to all Religious leaders to lead the way, and demand from congregants to observe the minimum preventive measures.

The council expressed their disappointment in the attitude of political leaders despite all the efforts being made to avoid contagion and spread of the virus in the places of worship.

“Many have continued to have public and political gatherings, taking few or no preventive measures themselves, nor for the attendants. This reckless behavior and bad example, has unfortunately influenced many Kenyans, making them take compliance to the protocols less seriously, and even at times to totally ignore them,” the council said and appealed to the leadership to lead by example in compliance.

Additionally, the council expressed its delightfulness and gratitude for the arrival of the vaccines and urged Kenyans to continue following MoH guidelines.

“We urge Kenyans to note that even the vaccinated person must follow the MoH guidelines since it is not clear if a vaccinated person can be infected or can transmit the virus to others and how long the immunity will last,” the council said.

“We must also intensify our Prayer to God, so that He can bring the pandemic to an end. We place our trust in him, while we do our part, through compliance,” the council added.