KENYA: Tangaza and Marist International Colleges Merges

NAIROBI MARCH 15, 2016(CISA)-Tangaza University College has merged with Marist International University, Fr Gianni Rolandi, Chairman Board of Trustees Tangaza University College has said.

“I wish to invite all of you on the journey towards becoming a Chartered University. The Commission of University Education has already notified us that they will be coming for the inspection on April 5, 2016,” said Fr Rolandi during Tangaza day celebrations at Tangaza University College in Nairobi March 15.

Speaking during the function, the chief Guest, Prof Henry Thairu, Chairman, Commission for the University Education (CUE) said that the merger of the two institutions will help achieve the desired quality in the higher education sector.

“Working together will steer the growth of the university to a great height and improve Higher learning in this country. When we see the direction Tangaza and Marist is taking by thinking in the same way with the same DNA we believe that future for the education sector in this country is bright,” said Prof Thairu.

“The CUE has had problems with the public universities in terms of funding and human resource for academic development. We have over 70 universities in Kenya accredited by the commission and with the expansion, we have had numerous problems in the sector,” he added.

Fr Rolandi however noted that despite the finalization of the memorandum of understanding for the two institutions it would be delayed till a later date.

“It would have been so meaningful and so symbolic to celebrate today practically before our eyes but this is not going to happen. The signing of the MOU between Tangaza registered trustees and Marist bothers Kenya registered trustees is almost ready but due to some technical problems spotted by both parties on both sides, it is going to be postponed temporarily,” he said.

The steering committee for the merger was formed in July 2015 with members from both Tangaza and Marist International to see the formation of a new university.

The new university once chartered by the Commission for university of Education (CUE) will be referred to us Tangaza University with all administrative functions based at the former Tangaza University College premises.

Bro Théoneste Kalisa, Chairman of the board of trustees of Marist International University College said that the two institutions were committed to ensure that the merger works.

“Getting along together is part of the agenda by the government to reform tertiary education in this country. After a long process we decided to get together to form one big strong institution  that will be called Tangaza University,” Bro Kalisa told CISA.

He said that both institutions would need a lot of integration in many aspects starting by the programs, the personnel and the materials available  adding that he was confident the MOU signing will be done before the end of  March or early April.

“The harmonization will be done slowly. These are two big institutions and this can take even up to 5 years because the two institutions have four- year programmes. During the four year period, those who are already in the process will continue with the course but the first years will begin in the new programmes,” he said.

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