MALAWI: Country is Still in Anguish, Warns Catholic Bishops

By Arnold Neliba

LILONGWE, MARCH 8, 2022 (CISA)-The Catholic bishops in Malawi guided by the 1992 pastoral Letter, ‘Living Our Faith’ have offered a reflection of the current situation in the country warning that it is still in anguish of evils their forefathers spoke against 30 years ago.

“The Catholic Bishops, thirty years ago, pointed out that by living our faith through what we do, we are going to build a better Malawi for all. Why have we not lived well our faith in the activities and programmes that we have been carrying out all these years? As we forge ahead, what can we do to accomplish the aspirations of the bishops in 1992 and have a better Malawi for all?” asked the bishops.

Some of the issues pointed out by the bishops in 1992 and reflected upon in their statement were; dignity of human kind, Church and society, equality and unity, right to adequate education, adequate healthcare, participation in public life, freedom of expression and association, truth in political systems and the justice system in the country.

“…if we examine where we find ourselves today, it is sad to find and admit that we are far from the aspirations of our fore-fathers. The education system and facilities have been deteriorating over the years since the ushering in of multiparty dispensation,” the bishops said.

“It is regrettable that these vices, which the Catholic Bishops condemned three decades ago, have become even more deeply ingrained and are tearing our society and our nation apart, while keeping the vast majority in grinding poverty. If we are not careful as a nation, we are heading towards social disaster,” they referred to the social inequality grappling the nation.

Political bickering, weak and indecisive leadership, corruption, greed and national disasters are what the bishops described as the “new ills” in the country which have increased suffering among Malawians.

The statement was issued on March 7 and signed by Archbishop George Tambala of Lilongwe, President of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi. The bishops in their message are hopeful that the Lenten period brings conversation and the beginning of a new dawn for Malawi.